Keychain Bottle Opener

     The Nautilus keychain bottle opener is a refined statement of bold, functional beauty; Art for your keychain.  Each individual piece is machined in the USA from fine stainless steel, its subtly beautiful finish and intricate structure designed to last more than a lifetime.
         Stainless steel won't corrode, rust, wear away, bend, or break; but the design of the Nautilus makes it quite lightweight.  The Nautilus fits perfectly on a keychain, gracefully into a pocket, and nestles snugly in the hand.
    Functionality is important in the limited space on your keychain.  The Nautilus works equally well on both standard pry-off and twist-off bottle caps.  Demonstrations of the various styles of use are shown at right. 


Basic Set - The Nautilus comes in a leatherette pouch, shipped in an efficient and environmentally-friendly small envelope.

Price: $14.99
(free US shipping)